Market demands for smaller electronic devices with next-generation performance have led to increasingly complex board layouts. Popular engineering solutions include the use of multi-level and densely populated PCBs. Unfortunately, these workarounds have also led to the onset of new RF interference issues.

To help solve these daunting EMI/RFI problems, a growing number of manufacturers have turned to collaborative design and engineering relationships with shielding manufacturers. Leader Tech has proven that this open-environment sharing of ideas ultimately leads to a better end product.

As the shielding partner of choice for numerous Tier I & II manufacturers, Leader Tech employs a broadly-skilled team of engineers and shielding experts to offer consultation and development of optimal board level shielding solutions. A recent client engagement resulted in the design and production of a multi-level, low profile circuit board shield that is thinner than a nickel. The single-piece shield is manufactured from RoHS compliant material and exhibits exceptional shielding effectiveness, solder characteristics and corrosion resistance.

For an engineered solution to your unique application, simply contact the engineering team at Leader Tech’s Global EMI Shielding Technology Center in Tampa, Florida. They can be reached at 866-832-4364 or

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