What do alligators and electrically conductive O-rings have in common? The short answer is that they both come in a lot of different sizes and they share a common home at Leader Tech’s Global EMI Shielding Headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

In addition to having a resident alligator on their campus, Leader Tech manufactures a full line of high-performance, MIL-SPEC approved molded O-ring gaskets with ID’s ranging from 0.145” to 3.987” and bonded O-rings up to 8-feet in diameter. These conductive gaskets are most commonly used to prevent electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from escaping an electronic enclosure while protecting the same device from damaging environmental conditions such as high humidity and water.

As the only company in the world that is approved to manufacture all 12 MIL-SPEC conductive elastomer formulations, customers can rely on the experienced engineering team at Leader Tech to deliver a tailored solution for virtually any electronic gasketing application.

Leader Tech

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