Increase Radio Range

How to Decrease EMI and Increase Radio Range

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduces radio range, drastically decreasing the functionality of Internet of Things products. There are some local and intermittent EMIs that are eventually get addressed, thanks to the

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Board Shield Prototype Kit

Want to create a custom prototype of a high-performance Leader Tech shield in a fast, easy, and affordable way without using any special tools? You can do that now even

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Tech Clip Kits

New Tech Clip Kits Save Engineers

Get a do-it-yourself Tech Clips Kit from Leader Tech Inc. It’s all that your designer will ever need to produce and assemble high-performance PCB shields without any experience or custom

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Blanking and Why It\’s Important

Creating a quality and affordable flat blank is the important first step in producing a printed circuit board shield (PCBS) for EMI/RFI shielding mitigation. Smooth edges and dimensional precision are

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