Understanding Conductive Rubber and Its Various Industrial Uses

Conductive Rubber

The term conductive rubber refers to any rubberized material with conductive characteristics. These materials help to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) ‘noise’ that is often generated by electronics. There are several materials that may be considered conductive rubber. Each of these materials is unique in terms of construction and offers varied performance.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Material?

Since galvanic compatibility is vital while choosing the type of filler or wire to be used, one must keep it in mind when deciding on conductive rubber. So, what is galvanic compatibility? The best way to understand this is to know what galvanic corrosion is. The latter refers to a situation when two dissimilar metals come in contact in a corrosive environment. How well a metal would be ‘suitable’ with another metal would determine the galvanic compatibility factor of the two.

Use of Conductive Rubber

Conductive rubber finds use in multiple industries, including computing, military, medical devices, and telecom sector. Conductive rubber gaskets are used in applications where an environmental seal is required and the material must possess moderate to excellent shielding effectiveness.

Conductive rubber material is widely used in manufacturing high-quality electronic products. If you are looking for high-grade conductive rubbers for your applications, contact us today.