EMI shielding for modern vehicles

Is It True That Today’s Auto-Makers Rely Heavily on the EMI-Shielding Industry?

Rapid advancements in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding technology has served to make the driving experience in modern vehicles smooth and hassle-free. The addition of new systems, such as on-board GPS, in-vehicle communication, wireless charging, and touchscreen infotainment, is a big draw for modern consumers and increases the value of ...

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HyMu 80

How Does HyMu 80 Work For Magnetic Shielding?

All electronics and electrical devices emit electromagnetic waves. Magnetic shielding helps to protect against these harmful radiations. Contrary to popular belief, a magnetic shield cannot reduce or eliminate magnetic fields. Made of special materials, magnetic shields help re-direct magnetic field lines, subsequently lowering the field’s influence on the item ...

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