Custom Fabric Gaskets: Their Use in the Telecommunication Sector

Custom Shielding Gaskets

When it comes to telecommunication equipment, their performance depends on a number of environmental factors, and of course,on electromagnetic interference (EMI) emanating from telecom devices or appliances. This is the reason why you need custom fabric gaskets that are both versatile and functional and hence suitable for diverse applications.To reduce or eliminate the effects of interference, you need EMI or RFI shielding gaskets for protecting windows and vents. Let’s read on to understand the use of custom fabric gaskets in the telecom industry.

Material Used

Heat buildup is a common problem in all electronic devices or systems. To overcome this situation, you can use high temperature rated tapes.

Why Use Shielding Gaskets

EMI gaskets, seals, and pads are used in the telecom sector for protecting base stations and mobile networking systems. Use our fabric shielding gaskets (FSG) for access panels and sealing doors. Our products are commonly used for electrically conductive seals to reduce unwanted EMI or RFI.

Choose our prototyping services to optimize the design and material for your seals or fabric gaskets before using them in your applications. If you want more information about our custom shielding gaskets for telecommunication needs, contact us right away.