To Download a Copy of This Blog Click Here. Coplanarity is defined as a measure of how close a given surface is to a perfect 2D plane and is often referred to as flatness. This is an important factor when designing board level shielding and determining the solder thickness ...

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Laser Cutting

To Download a Copy of This Blog Click Here. A laser is a device that emits beams of coherent monochromatic light through stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. In shorter terms, a lot of energy in a very small focused area. To aid the laser, an assist gas is streamed ...

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3 Essential EMI Shielding Gasket Designing Processes

Leader Tech supplies a broad range of EMI shielding gaskets to boost the performance of electronic equipment and applications including computers, telecom base stations, high-end electronics, medical and military devices, automotive control systems, avionics, and communication systems. These protective units are designed to prevent the transmission of unwanted radiations,into ...

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