EMI Protection

How to Ensure Corrosion Resistant EMI Protection

EMI shielding products are designed to protect electronics from the effects of interfering energy waves. But what happens when you use your equipment in an extremely damp environment? In such a situation, your priority should be to make your EMI shielding products corrosion-resistant. Rust or material deterioration will affect ...

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3 Essential EMI Shielding Gasket Designing Processes

Leadertech supplies a broad range of EMI shielding gaskets to boost the performance of electronic equipment and applications including computers, telecom base stations, high-end electronics, medical and military devices, automotive control systems, avionics, and communication systems. These protective units are designed to prevent the transmission of unwanted radiations,into the ...

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Magnetic Shielding Basics

Magnetic Shielding Basics and Materials

Magnetic fields can pose a problem for electronic equipment, and attempting to shield for magnetic fields is not as simple and straightforward as for electric fields. No material is actually able to block magnetic fields without itself being attracted to the magnetic force. Unlike electricity, magnetic fields cannot technically ...

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