Gasket Installation

Gasket Installation Tips

Thanks to today’s consumers’ penchant for smaller devices, product engineers are packing more chips in smaller spaces. Thus, these highly sensitive components are placed in close proximity to one another inside a device. This close-knit structure is adding to the issues relating to electromagnetic interference (EMI). With the explosive ...

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Different Types of Gaskets

In the digital era, most of us are acquainted with the term electromagnetic interference. All electrical devices emit magnetic waves that affect the functioning of the device’s own circuits as well as the circuits of other devices in its surrounding. Sometimes, these waves can deactivate a device entirely. Fortunately, ...

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EMC Testing

Are You Conducting These Two Types of EMC Testing?

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) addresses the unwanted effect of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This branch of electrical engineering keeps a note on the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy, which otherwise could create electromagnetic interferences. It controls the emission and tries to maintain compatibility of different equipment by attenuating ...

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