EMC Design

How EMC Design Can Stop Electromagnetic Interference

Emission (electromagnetic radiation) from an electrical device is inevitable and this radiation is a major interference in the performance of the source object as well as devices that are close to it. Hence, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) becomes a major factor to control the unintentional generation, propagation, and reception of ...

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Magnetic Shielding Cost

3 Ways to Cut Back on Magnetic Shielding Cost

Besides the procurement cost of shielding material, customers are required to incorporate the shields into electrical or electronic enclosures. This means they have to incur additional costs associated with integration and assembly. Most of the shielding material choices are expensive because they are designed from special alloys. But, there ...

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Board Shield Prototype Kit

Want to create a custom prototype of a high-performance Leader Tech shield in a fast, easy, and affordable way without using any special tools? You can do that now even if you don’t have much experience. Simply get hold of this Leader Tech do-it-yourself kit that contains everything you ...

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Testing Shielding Effectiveness

4 Tests for Measuring EMI Shielding Effectiveness

All electronic gadgets radiate energy in the form of electromagnetic and radio frequency waves. Sometimes, this emitted energy interacts with other devices in its vicinity causing the other devices to malfunction. With the dramatic proliferation of electronic devices worldwide, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) have become ...

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BeCu Fingerstock

BeCu Fingerstock Shielding Gaskets

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, our BeCu fingerstock shielding gaskets are extremely durable. High spring and electrical grounding chracteristics means that they provide amazing performance while the numerous finish plating options make them compatible with various applications. You also get the benefit of mechanical and ...

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